20 Feb

Advertise for FREE

Developing a new website which will allow visitors to create an advert, for FREE. Though this is not the best part of this concept. The simple interface and clean design allows users quick and easy access to adverts using either a desktop computer or a handheld device

Update – 10th May 2009
The site publishes all adverts on the homepage in a series of boxes. Every advert will appear in the top slot of the homepage, almost guaranteeing the advert will be seen at some point by someone visiting the site, it cannot be avoided, it appears on the only main page of the site, the homepage!

Update – 14th October 2013
The stuff you advertise can now be offered as a swap. You can attempt to sell the stuff you have or swap it for something else, primarily aimed at games players swapping console games, but this can also be for music CD’s, DVD’s and even clothes! We want to promote the idea of “green” environment and recycling.

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