10 Nov

New Venture

A group of individuals setting up a brand new recruitment consultancy required the full development and support services, a brand new website, mobile phones and office network & telephony systems.

24 Mar


A well established and successful recruitment company venturing into new streams of recruitment services required the skills and experience of our team to design and deliver several online job boards and web sites. This followed with the support of their IT infrastructure, helpdesk team and the small development team.

14 Feb

Version 2

Our new, minimal, clean, crisp website design which portrays our business style and work ethic.

15 Nov


This insurance company requested the experienced knowledge of our team in order to deliver a complaint web site by the end of the year.

14 Sep


Working with the biggest recruitment organisation in the UK, to assist in the delivery of their new online timesheet system.

30 Dec


With an initial requirement to deliver a compliant website for their own consultants, leading to the assistance of our team to help develop other business critical applications to manage The Midlands highways network.

15 Aug

Version 1

Welcome to our new website. A showcase of our work and the services we offer.

20 Mar


Developing standard and client/server based Visual Basic applications for distribution throughout the commercial sector of the organisation.

As this business adapted to the new technologies and requirements for web based applications and services, so did we, to deliver a range of products to enable this business to continue with the delivery of their commercial services.

21 Jan


A massive telecommunications organisation required our services to remove the errors introduced during a manual telephone number assignment process. The process was carried out by over two dozen people receiving printed requests. The typical assignment process would estimate around 7 days. The business was more than impressed when we delivered a solution that reduced this process down to one person managing an application, that assigned the same amount of telephone numbers within five minutes.

28 Jan


This software vendor required the development of bespoke plugins for a computer aided design software in order to enhance the current product. The CAD software owner being impressed with our bolt on products, they immediately upgraded their latest versions of the software with our enhancements.

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